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The story of Dream Dollars way of life

Welcome to Dream Dollars our way of life we created to remind everybody to chase their dream until they get their dollars.   For a long time, we have seen ourselves buying garments that never really meant anything to us, but we truly believe by wearing these garments that we could manifest a better reality, we could possibly take ourselves out of the streets and out of the everyday status quo of working a 9-5 and create a better future for our people and ourselves.  And also use it as a powerful tool to inspire others to chase their dreams. Our journey is just starting, and we have plenty more goals that we want to accomplish along the road.

Here at Dream Dollars, we accept you for who you are. Our mission is to bring inspiration to your life and to be free to wear whatever you want. Dream Dollars is not just a store, it is a community for finding individuality in a world trying to push you into the status quo.  We accept you for who you are. But our passion goes beyond great clothes. Since day one, we have been about celebrating individuality, creativity, and unique ways.  We’re dedicated to serving our community by celebrating their stories and offering a full range of sizes that connects with their personality.  We are going to put our heart and soul into the label built from the ground up through street experiences, the highs and the lows, in the hope to inspire adults/kids that it is okay to grow up tough, to experience bad times as being uncomfortable will bring growth to your life.

It starts with a dream and believing in it, then get your dollars up and pursue it, and never buckle. On your road to success, keep your eyes open for the snakes beneath you, because not everyone has your best interest at heart.
Our customer’s culture is our top priority, instead of meeting your expectations, we always strive to go above and exceed customers’ expectations. We do this by continually listening to our customers, learning your needs, and thus, building a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with you all.
So we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you. We care about what you think and are constantly striving to be the best for our customers. We like to listen to what we are doing well and all that we could do better. If there is something you want to see, let us know.

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